Timber Line Jewelry


The Timber Line Jewelry collection includes various styles of unique adornments and with proper care they will last for years. Some of the styles incorporate multiple materials with delicate parts. To ensure the lengthy lifespan of your jewelry, please read the advice on care below.

Wearing + Cleaning

  • Prevent damage to your jewelry by avoiding exposure to extreme conditions (such as: oceans, blizzards, skydiving, base jumping, babies ages 2 and under).
  • If any piece needs to be cleaned, wipe softly with non-abrasive moist cloth and dry immediately.
  • Avoid pendant or earring loss by taking notice if any of the connecting hardware has visible gaps or becomes loose.
  • If any defects are noticed or a piece becomes lost please refer to our Repair Policy and we will work with you to develop a repair plan.
  • Featuring the element of wood is beautiful but it is softer and more delicate than metal. It's good to remember this when wearing your jewelry or storing it amongst other pieces that could possibly scratch the surfaces.
  • Handle the hardware and findings with care (jump rings, clasps, and links). Pulling on them can cause stress to the connections causing weak spots or breaks.

Want To Adjust the Chain Length?

If you'd like to shorten the length of the chain and have the proper tools (wire cutters and pliers) this can be accomplished fairly easily. Snip the chain to your desired length, use a thumbtack to open up the last ring on the chain just a bit in order to allow for the jumpring to fit. Use pliers to open up the jump ring and thread it through the last link on the chain. Clamp the jump ring closed. 

If you don't feel comfortable adjusting the chain length yourself, we can do that for you! There is a $5 repair fee as well as return and follow-up shipping costs.  

If you know your desired chain length when ordering, include the specific length request in the message area or email us immediately after placing the order and there will be no charge.