Timber Line Jewelry


Made in the USA by furniture designer-makers, a line of handmade geometric jewelry featuring brave statements in versatile tones and patterns.


Furniture Makers Building Jewelry..

Incorporating characteristic angles, familiar shapes and eye-catching patterns, this modern jewelry showcases elevated wooden materials in new ways, combining them with the beauty of contrasting elements. 

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Timber Line Jewelry  &  Brave Space Design have assembled varied collections of noteworthy products -- originating from the basic logic of clean lines, quality materials and innovative methods of fabrication. The daily operations and endeavors of the two businesses are located in the creatively fertile lands of Gainesville, FL and continue to grow and evolve with the collaborative work-space, prolific design ideas and a superior & hardworking design team.  



From there to here..     

"We started our creative business partnership in 2004 when we founded our furniture company, Brave Space Design in Brooklyn, NY.  With a couple of art degrees and a strong propensity to make new and interesting things, we had to give it a go. We've worked together in custom furniture, product design and continue to bravely navigate the world of small business ownership together. In the fall of 2013, we began a line of handmade jewelry using the precious off-cuts of striking materials we encounter daily in furniture manufacturing. Experimenting with techniques to elevate these materials into modern geometric shapes grew into Timber Line Jewelry and has become an exciting addition in our creative business ventures. We love having a collaborative studio atmosphere - this has enabled us to evolve and grow ideas that excite and interest us. From furniture design and production to our handmade jewelry line, we love operating as a mom and pop shop and consistently juggle a wide variety of design-related projects." 

"We are avid multi-taskers, we stay properly caffeinated, and often get inspired by the natural world and architecture -- and we have two kids that think we play at work all day."