Timber Line Jewelry

by Brave Space Design

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Brave Space DesignComment

Found some Yosegi process images showing the joined-block construction technique similar to how we are making some of our jewelry pieces. This process allows for a sculpture that is lighter in feeling and lends itself to those mesmeric geometric elements. We tend to geek out on this kind of stuff.

 -Images from tracepattern.wordpress.com

-Images from tracepattern.wordpress.com

"Yosegi uses rich woods to produce complex geometric patterns.

Yosegi-Zaiku means yose = collect, put together; gi = wood (to make) zai = small, sensitive: ku = work.

Thin wood pieces are combined as a surface, or assembled using solid wood to form the patterns. The pieces are glued together into basic units and then cut and placed together to make a continuous pattern."